The house in which you’ll be staying is just a mile away from Alghero, so you’ll be able to spend the evenings walking in the alleys of the Old Town, admire the houses from the 1600s, discover picturesque angles, visit the churches (S. Francesco is the most notorious with its cloister), go into the most beautiful handicraft shops and amaze yourself watching the coral “masterpieces”.

Stop at the Piazza Civica (Plaça del Pou Vel, Square of the old dock), where you can find restaurants, typical stores, an antique coffee stand, Charles V’s palace, old houses, the Cathedral and go thru the arc towards the docks. The stairs on the left take you to the “Muraglia” (Wall), the old bastions of the city. From here you can enjoy the beautiful panorama and the dusk, thanks to the occidental exposition.

There are many the restaurants, pizzerias, bars and pubs that you’ll find the list of in the small library at the Country house.

If you happen to love archaeology, visit the native villages of Palamavera (road from Fertilia to Capo Caccia) and of Anghelu Ruju (strada dei due mari, towards Porto Torres). At the end, a visit to the coves of Capo Caccia – Cove of Neptune – and it’s a must: you can do it by walking (but the steps are next to 600!), or more comfortably by boat (reservations at the docks). The panorama is fabulous in any case.

Alghero small harbour Alghero's stronghold


From the entry gate a road passable either by car, bicycle or on foot, leads in short time to the most beautiful beaches in means of reefs and limpid sea. If you’d like a wider beach there’s one 10 minutes away by car by the same road (towards Bosa) or taking the shorter, parallel road that you’ve used to arrive to the house, you’ll arrive to Poglina (o “La Speranza”, “The Hope”), a wide, white-sanded beach with a restaurant, bar, guarded parking and three entries.

The choices are almost endless, along the road from Alghero to Bosa you’ll find Manago, Tentizzos and S’abbadruche among others.

To the north of the city of Alghero, from the house that you’re renting, you can reach in very short time many beaches

The most frequented and notorious are: Maria Pia, Le Bombarde, Il Lazzaretto and Mugoni. If you love comfort, at “Maria Pia” you’ll find beach umbrellas, recliners, bars, pizzerias. The beach is of the whitest, thinnest sand, and to the back and over the sand dunes and junipers, there’s a big pinewood. The water is emeraldesque.

“Le Bombarde” is the most notorious beach of Alghero: the water is crystal clear, similar to the one of Emerald Coast. Here you’ll find as well a big parking lot, a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy a first course meal or fried fish. On the back of the beach there’s a big pinewood where you can relax in the shade. Useful indications to arrive to “Le Bombarde”: Road Fertilia-Capo Caccia, Dei Pini Hotel.

“Il Lazzaretto” is shortly after “Le Bombarde”, in the next cove, going to the west. This is an enjoyable beach with a magnificent tower from the 1500s that takes the name from a real “Lazzaretto” (a medieval, contagious disease hospital) which hosted the sick people from the ships for recovering.

Continuing towards Capo Caccia you’ll find the “Mugoni” pinewood, with a beach with the same name. The back of the beach is full of eucalyptus and pine trees, ideal for relaxing at the shade. Also here you’ll find bars and the possibility of eating first course meals. If you’d prefer privacy, go along the road towards the Capo Caccia and discover small coves with crystalline water. The road that takes you to Capo Caccia, after the Mugoni pinewood, bifurcates: to the left you’ll arrive to the Capo, and to the right, to the “Porticciolo” and “Porto Ferro”.

The latter, in a protected area, is a very long beach delimited by two towers (which indicated the mooring to the ships in the past). There are no buildings and is really open space, clean water and a beautiful landscape.

In the case of north-west wind (Maestrale), take caution, as the waves can be strong and high. The beaches with less wind disturbance are “Maria Pia”, “le Bombarde” and “il Lazzaretto”.

Useful addresses for the beaches:

Comune di Alghero
Ahonet Spiagge

Capo caccia photo